Is Voldico the right fit for your agency? 

If you're a success-driven professional with an entrepreneurial mindset, than the answer is most likely yes!

Kevin Sheridan

“I chose Voldico because I want to be able to put my heart into my work and make a difference. Voldico opened up tools and options that I couldn’t access anywhere else, not to mention, the network of agents I’d be able to bounce ideas off of.”

We're looking for individuals who have a wealth of business knowledge and who want to expand their offerings and grow their business. 

Your success as an independent agent is determined by the quantity and quality of options you can provide your customers as well as the efficiency of your back room operations. 

We can help you meet and exceed customer demand by specializing and diversifying duties at one location, thereby creating the opportunity for your agency to access multiple carriers, eliminate day-to-day operational tasks, and compete in the industry.